Aperitif Drink: an Italian daily rite


Either they are ending a hard Winter working day or a lovely Summer afternoon on the beach, especially during the week-end, Italians love to celebrate it and get fun and relaxation sharing an aperitif drink with family and friends.

You can now join their Sunset tradition and have your own Italian aperitif time with your loved ones


There’s no better way to accompany your drink than with a tasty Mediterranean bruschetta…


or a Pesto Bruschetta…

and you cannot miss Taggiasca Olives and Parmesan Cheese…


and why not tasting a couple of cheerful and tasty stuffed red Peppers

There won’t be better way  for ending your day in fun and relaxation! Be Italian tonight! Now you can order you tasty Aperitif Set from our website and make you days end in a  much brighter, more colourful and tastier way!

Ops, do not forget tasting Italian Anchovies. with Extra Virgin Oil and Bread!

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