A unique recipe book by Silvia Cardelli


No better way to enter the secrets of the Italian kitchen than reading this book and trying the simple recipes of Sivia Cradelli, Chef at Osteria della Corte in La Spezia town centre.

This a sweet gift originated from the culinary art mixed to the huge kindness and simplicity of Silvia, her gentle idea to entertain us during the sad and depressing weeks of the first pandemic lockdown in Italy, Spring 2020.

Chef Silvia, day after day, published, through her Facebook page, easy recipes so that we could feel “great chefs” in replicating them in our houses. Her recipes instructions were so easy that results were always guaranteed!

In reading this book you won’t find blazoned, pretentious recipes and terminology is far from the one of great culinary circuits.

The intent of these pages is not to create a cooking bible.

Chef Silvia offered us, in the daily cooking language of her beloved grandmother, the receipts of her childhood and her family traditions. Preparing these dishes will be magically part of her family.

But, do not forget to pay, as soon as possible, a visit to Chef Silvia’s restaurant, Osteria della Corte in La Spezia.

Her motto CIBO E PASSIONE (food and passion) so perfectly represents her and you won’t be disappointed!



You can book her book online just clicking here.


In the meantime you can download one of her amazing recipes: her fantastic Ragù Sauce,. You can season with it all types of pasta and, preparing your fresh pasta and your besciamella (recipes included in the book) you can make tasty Lasagne al Forno (baked Lasagna), too!

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