Our History: dreams, projects and ideas start from here.

From travel agents to tour operator, property managers and more

We opened our travel agency in a detached neighborhood of La Spezia, named Migliarina, back in 1991.

Two business mates, Miriana and Paola. We were young!


Oh, not so young!!! 

I, Miriana, had just got my degree by the Faculty in Literature and Philosophy in Pisa, specializing in Foreign Modern Languages and discussing a thesis in Anglo-American Literature.

Paola had her diploma in Arts and was working as photo-composer and graphic artist at her, at the time, husband’s typography.

We both loved travelling. And we travelled a lot! 

We decided to risk everything and open a new concept travel agency, DURLINDANA, by the name of the sword of Orlando, Charle Magne Paladin. Orlando had conquered the known world at his time, we would have conquered our own world under our motto: I SOGNI I PROGETTI LE IDEE PARTONO DA QUI (Dreams, projects and ideas start from here). 

We projected many travels for our customers, from small trips to other Italian regions to round-the-wold trips…all designed with the help of ABC books and making reservations on the phone!


From outgoing travels to incoming vacation rentals

In 2006 we started planning weddings in the Cinque Terre. That was the turning point. We created our brand Marrymeinitaly and promoted it all over the world. We exhibited at many trade fairs from Paris, London to New York and Shanghai.

And then it was time to start managing properties and rent them! The market was ready and the Cinque Terre became our home.

We opened our concierge office in Vernazza in 2013 and from there we have been welcoming thousands of guests every Season oofering them also all tour operator services from transfers to experiences!

And the story goes on now.

Travelling is helping other communities

For this reason we started a new adventure. After many years past making people appreciate other communities and their treasures, we decided it was time make our visitors know our own land in the deep.

Best price always guaranteed

When you book direct you’ll get always first hand info, quick and precise replies to your questions, suggestions to clear out all your doubts and, most of, BEST PRICE GUARANTEED!

Plus, best cancellation policies, safe payments and exclusive offers!!!

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