Susie Barrows paintings and their mixed-media technique will bring colours and elements of the Cinque Nature into your home and office. Add a Sea Painting to your sitting room, place a Land portrait on the wall over your sofa, add a Landscape painting on your office desk…you’ll start dreaming of Italy, of the Italian Riviera and its flavours and colours. And touch these creations, watch them close-up…the elements of that incredible nature will come to life into your own life. And you will start sharing emotions with your dear ones, friends and customers! 

Susie’s Art is Sustainable: both painting supports and packaging are 90% recycled. This is a small step she takes to save our Nature and invite us to follow her. 


The Artist

Artist Biography

Ready for a change in 2002 Susie, a British Artist moved from Brighton in the UK to the Italian Riviera and found her feet in the beautiful Cinque Terre. Here she captures the stunning natural beauty and the rustic simplicity of the Ligurian land & Sea. Mostly she works en-pIein-air as she loves to be in the moment, immersed in her senses, experiencing all around her. Her technique is unusual...without using brushes in a traditional way, she paints with her fingers often working on a mixed media textured base. Recycling materials is also important to her, not only regarding the environment but it also gives a painting new life character and layers of depth... Her Studio lies on the hills over Vernazza and from her windows and patio her eyes are constantly filled with the views and colours of the Italian Riviera. From here her daily inspiration. Her Studio is open for visitors and art lovers. Susie also offers fantastic Painting Classes that have the unique value of teaching her students the way to free ideas and emotions and pour them over a surface (usually recycled).

Susie at work