Pasta as synonym of Italy

One can’t imagine an element that speaks of Italy more than PASTA

Pasta is the main food in the Italian diet and there’s no Italian family that doesn’t include Pasta in daily meals.

This happens since men and women in our land abandoned a nomadic life style and started to grow wheat in their own land, and so from immemorial times.

From harvest to harvest, from generation to generation, man and women have learned to work wheat  milling it then mixing it with water and smoothing it into thin doughs, finally cooking it on a hot stone. And that’s Pasta as we know it.


Where is Pasta produced?

Well, hard to say. We have traditional pasta types that every region uses and then each single corner of Italy has own pasta types prepared with own recipes and own sauces! A whole world opens when we talk about pasta.

Italy produces every year approximately 3.3 tons of pasta and, not considering small artisan producers, we have 139 pasta factories. The region with more pasta factories is Campania, followed by Emilia Romagna and then Liguria, our region.

Liguria: trofie, croxetti and trenette

Liguria’s famous types of pasta are trofie, croxetti and trenette.

They are all exceptional if seasoned with Pesto, but also ragù and tomato sauce can greatly go with them.

How to buy Pasta from Liguria

On you have now the privilege to buy typical Liguria Pasta and also all the sauces to season it: pesto, walnut sauce, spaghettata ligure and arrabbiata oil.

and if you have in mind to plan a trip to the  Cinque Terre do not miss our cooking classes to learn a lot about fresh pasta making.

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