Our Oils from Lucchi & Guastalli

Our continuous search for the best products to offer our customers made us select a fantastic company where Nature has always the first place in growing and producing excellent extra virgin olive oils and other food products.

Lucchi and Guastalli is the first company in Liguria to boast the Protected Denomination of Origin Riviera Ligure, – Riviera Ligure DOP olive oil – to which it is linked by the ancient tradition and of which it is active supporter. It was born from the passion for the olive tree and the oil of the founders whose name it bears, Marco Lucchi and Carlo Guastalli.

Their company aims to create unique products through the use of techniques with low environmental impact. In the company are carried out cultural and training activities on olive oil, training courses for tasters, guided visits to the olive groves and the production plant, conducted by Marco Lucchi, Doctor Agronomist, expert taster and panel leader of the tasting committee APOL of Genoa.

Follow in below timeline all the achievement of this leading company during its business life.

Spread over about 12 hectares of olive groves and vineyards located on hilly terraced land, the farm is divided into several lots in the municipalities of Santo Stefano di Magra and Riomaggiore. The company applies phytosanitary defence techniques integrated with organic farming methods and produces DOP Riviera Ligure oil, Cinque Terre honey and DOC and IGT wines.


Aerial view of Lucchi & Guastalli Il Busanco Oil and Honey Farm in Riomaggiore. A magical place blessed by Nature! Guided tours with tasting available.


Lucchi & Guastalli bee hives in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre.


Lucchi & Guastalli happy bees give us the tastiest and healthiest of the honeys

You can now bring health on your table with exquisite and natural Lucchi & Guastalli Cinque Terre Honeys! All the flavours of the Mediterranean waters and herbs exclusively for you!

You do not have now but to place an order and try yourself the high value of our products! Enjoy!

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