Cinque Terre Riviera Shop - a natural choice

2020, a year of changes

Our company history has a background on Travel and love for our amazing world.  In 1991, we started our journey to discover the beauties of our amazing world and share them with our customers, our travellers who had in common with us an unlimited love for our world beauties.

Then, 15 years ago, we focused on our  blessed region, the Cinque Terre, in the North of Italy. 

We led thousands of visitors each year to the discovery of this incredible territory over the waters, with immaculate landscapes and car free villages, where natural cultivations and healthy food products are still the keywords of our lifestyle.

Through wine, oil and food experiences, cooking classes and wine tours we introduced our customers to the knowledge and love for our land and our products.

We always wanted to share with them our love for a land that was blessed and still preserved as a National Park and was able to offer us incredible and natural products for our tables.



This was the time to spread our Natural choice and let everybody taste our land even from afar

So we select for our customers the best in food and only those producers who base their companies on extremely high standard of growing and preparing their goods. The very same products we usually have on our table.

Cinque Terre Riviera products

Buying food from will be for our customers a unique opportunity of taking a journey to the best of our country while staying at home and sharing the same with their loved ones in the intimacy of own houses.

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