Cinque Terre Riviera Art Gallery: local artists go on stage

We love art. As travellers we have been visiting museums and art galleries all over the world. 

We live in the Cinque Terre, a kind of open air museum which daily inspires arts and crafts of hundreds of local artists. 

Our mission has appeared clear and bright under our eyes: why not helping our community of blessed art inspired people to show their creations to the world?

The Cinque Terre as inspiring Muse

The Cinque Terre crystal clear waters over white rocks and green algae, the bursting yellow colours of the savage mimosa over the hillsides, the serene greens of our grapes leaves and the mosses and lichens covering the hidden rocks along our streams, the luxuriant vegetation in Springtime and the changing colours of Autumn bushes, the enraged storms watering our cliff hanging houses: all these emotions pervade and inspire our local artists.

Some are true born in the region, others came and never could go return to their native homes, some went abroad to be attracted again to these shores: our community of talented people is wide and precious.

You will have now the exclusive chance to meet them and buy their creations.

Unique and authentic pieces of art enter now in your homes

Our artists create unique masterpieces, each piece is different from the other. It brings inside the lights and colours that created the inspiration.

A piece of the Cinque Terre will become part of your life.

Every day you will be able to contemplate that part of our region and be pleasantly inspired.